Small fitness group training at Revalsport club

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Small fitness group training is a personal training course which helps to achieve good physical shape , lets you get the knowledge about strength training and healthy nutrition.  

During personal group training the coach instructs each member of the group personally. Each member has their own training plan .  Members can be put in pairs  , which priovides funnier trainings and gives more motivation due to some competition spirit between the members. Is is also possible to work out alone at trainee's own tempo . 

Training plans are being done with the principle of starting with simple and go to more difficult exercises. In addition, the training goal is post. You get the weekly feedback about your nutrition based on your diary. 

 Trainings take time 2 times per week-

Group 1: Monday ja Wednesday 17:30 – 18:30

Group 2: Tuesday ja Thursday 18:30 – 19:30

Youu can join the group at any time.

For registration   - write

Call +3725048658

Price 69 euros  per 10 trainings

The price does not include club package which costs 39 eur per month for the members of the group. 

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